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Datang Seeks a New Path of Cross-border E-commerce Development.

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 Since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co., Ltd. has used the whole network management scheme to develop Alibaba International, which was originally a single one. "It is expected that the overall sales of e-commerce companies throughout the year can account for more than 40% of the total output value of the company," The chairman Aaron Qi of this company said.

Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co., Ltd. is a chemical fiber production company. Two years ago, it is involved in cross-border e-commerce and it achieves a sales breakthrough from zero to ten million yuan in the first year. Since last year, the company has entered into strategic cooperation with Maagate Network Technology, an expert in the marketing of the whole network. Based on the existing B2B platform, the company has developed its official website as a window, combined with Google to optimize SNS social marketing, to create word-of-mouth marketing and brand operation. The overall performance of the company was greatly improved.

At present, Datang has more than 18000 main bodies in the market for producing or processing socks, more than 3000 auxiliary materials, machinery, electronic commerce and other related enterprises. In 2017, the industrial output value of Datang Town was 33.86 billion yuan. Datang Town has 191 export enterprises and export 4.84 billion yuan, mainly exporting to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Chile and other countries. In the past two years, more than 200 new stockings e-commerce enterprises attract more than 1000 college students home to start their own businesses.

During this period of time, Sino-US trade friction has not stalled and if it will have an impact on the Datang socks industry? For businesses, concern still exists. Zhejiang Hemaosheng socks Co., Ltd. invested a large amount of money into the production of multi-functional sports socks, which mainly exported to the United States market, accounting for 80% of the total sales of enterprises. Chen Renyong, the minister of affairs, is more concerned, saying that once textiles were included in the tax, it would mean that the newly opened international market would be open.

According to Yao Guoming, chief of the Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs Section of the Bureau of Commerce, textiles have not yet been included in the tariff list and have not had an impact on the Datang socks industry. In response, Datang Town is still actively seeking new ways to develop and open up new horizons. Last year, it introduced two enterprises serving cross-border e-commerce to cooperate with e-commerce in the fields of information technology, talent training, etc. with the electronic commerce development cooperation , the sock industry think tank also already has more than 200 college students to help the electric business to develop. Zhejiang Orange Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the service enterprises, the company was founded on April,2016, mainly for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to provide backstage operation of quality classes training, the entire station operation, product shooting, prosperous shop Decoration P4P and other comprehensive services. In Zhuji, it has held more than 80 training sessions, training of up to 4000 people, the establishment of cooperation of more than 60 cross-border e-commerce units.

At the end of last year, our city became a provincial e-commerce innovation development pilot county and city. In the future, cross-border e-commerce in Datang Town has unlimited possibilities. "our goal is to build and improve the stockings e-commerce industry chain by 200 years and to form a cross-border e-commerce industrial cluster in the stockings industry. We will promote the construction of the public storage service system for the stockings industry, build a warehouse network system with the core of the stockings industry gathering area, and provide an integrated solution for e-commerce, manufacturing and retailing, "said Zhou Luoyong, deputy mayor of Datang Town. In this year's pilot work, Datang Town will complete the development of more than 400 cross-border e-commerce online stores, and is expected to realize cross-border e-commerce transactions.And it achieves more than 400 million yuan, new cross-border e-commerce international trademark and more than 5 tasks.


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