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Innovation of Kaishili

Views:3574     Author:Kaishili      Publish Time: 2017-08-10      Origin:Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise with advanced technology, including production, sales and operation. The company has been adhering to the spirit of innovation, keeping pace with the times and constantly making technological innovations.

     The company believes that innovation is the core and the soul of an enterprise, is also the foundation of the enterprise.
     Concept innovation indicates the direction of management, the concept of decision action, ideas determine the way out. Concept innovation is fundamental, dynamic creative thinking activities,  which always affect people's words and deeds. Concept innovation promotes technological innovation, which is also the origin and guarantee of the good quality of our products. Establishing technical professional positions, paying attention to the latest technology updates, we have this tradition since the establishment of the company.
     Management innovation requires a higher level of management. By changing the traditional management mode, creating a relaxed working environment, we pay more attention to the enthusiasm of the employees instead of requiring employees performance, which gives our employees fully free space for business development. The Management of company is also actively seeking new management mode and to ensure rational application of management innovation of the company.

     Operation innovation is an important way to broaden the market. Our company firmly believes that the innovation of the mode of operation is the way which can’t be ignored if the company want to implement the strategy of going out. Nowadays, with the proportions of international market gradually increasing, changing the way of business and business types will undoubtedly bring great economic benefits and enhance the visibility of the company.
     With the support of the national policy and the government, Kasihili is making steady progress in the above three kinds of innovations, to supply customers from all over the world with high quality chemical fiber products.  

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