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Polyester High Stretch Yarn

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Polyester High Stretch Yarn

Product Presentation

1. Polyester high stretch yarn: a fabric woven from deformed fibers.

The chemical fiber filament is made of helical ring shape after one heating deformation, and the elastic expansion rate is higher, which is called high elastic wire, and the product is called high stretch yarn, such as nylon or polypropylene stretch pants, elastic socks, elastic swimsuit and so on.

2. Polyester high stretch yarn: this product has good elasticity, good handle, stable quality, hard to decolonize, strong tension, uniform dyeing, bright color and complete specifications. The product can be woven pure, or with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers interwoven and can be made into elastic fabrics. All kinds of wrinkle fabric are made of unique style fabric.

The main Application of Polyester High Stretch Yarn

1. Mainly used in knitting, stockings, clothing, cloth, rib, fabrics, textiles, woolen, sewing thread, embroidery, rib, bandage, etc.

2. It is widely used in sweaters, ribbon, clothing lock sideline, gloves, line and so on.

3. It is suitable for a wide range of woolen fabrics, knitted fabrics and knitted garments.

4. It is suitable for sewing high elastic parts of high grade knitted underwear, swimsuit, diving suit, trademark, underwear, corset, sportswear, footwear, sportswear, etc.

Application field of polyester high stretch yarn

1. Knitted products: stretch jeans, swimsuits, skis, sweaters, sportswear, bodybuilding pants, golf pants, women's underwear, tights, weight loss elastic belt, etc.

2. Socks products:women's Socks, pantyhose, etc.

3. Woven fabric products: thin, medium, thick elastic labor cloth, bubble yarn, denim, etc.

4. Health products: manufactured band-aid, joint pain cream, bandages, non-woven cloth, protective materials, etc.

5. Home products: towels, gloves, packing belts, elastic straps, bedding fillers, mats, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.

6. Silk products: simulated silk, wrinkled silk, elastic silk, etc.

The difference between polyester and low stretch yarn

Generally speaking, the difference between low elastic wire and high elastic wire depends on the second hot box of the machine.



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