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Why is Kai Shi Li product quality very good?

The standardization of the production process and processes

the beginning of strict control of raw materials, the equipment used is beyond the same industry some of the standards, and each process has a test process, all large sample shipments will be submitted to meet the national inspection and testing standards The At the same time Kai Shi Li and product technical supervision area has a perennial cooperation, the detection rate of 100%

The advantages of machinery and equipment

8 stretch yarn production line, 5 air covered yarn production line, 55 mechanical coating yarn equipment, 16 Elastic production line

The guarantee of raw materials

Kai Shi Li with AA certified raw material raw materials, generally find some well-known large-scale enterprise cooperation, absolutely do not have a single A raw materials, raw materials must come in before have to meet national standards, environmental standards must be oeko100 certification, At the same time in line with iso9001 international quality system certification, as well as some of the local chemical fiber industry certification standards.

Product quality standards

Kay Lee will take the initiative to product inspection, sampling, each of our test results are more than 50% of national standards

Professionalism of production personnel

all employees must be trained before induction training: fire, safe, systematic management: production director - workshop director - class advocates (a team to ensure that seven individuals), responsibility to the people. In addition to production there are tests, after passing the test after packaging, but also to the final confirmation before shipment.



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