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Production characteristics of Polyester Filament

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The spinning, drawing and deforming of polyester filament are carried out in each ingot position. Although some defects can be improved or remedied by adjusting the process of the former process, some shortcomings can not only be remedied, and also may be amplified, such as the difference of ingot position. Therefore, reducing the difference between the ingot position is the key to ensure the quality of filament. With the development of spinning technology, polyester filament production has the following characteristics.

1.High speed of production

With the development of filament production technology, spinning speed is getting higher and higher, most of which have reached 3500m/min. The increase of spinning speed puts forward higher requirements for process, equipment, operation and so on.

2.Large volume

The net weight of the bobbin was increased from 3~4kg to 15kg, and the deformable silky bobbin was increased from 1~2kg to 5kg. After the increase of the packing capacity, new requirements are put forward for the winding mechanism, the uniformity of the yarn quality of the package, and the packing and transportation of the package.

3.High quality requirements for raw materials

The quality of polyester raw material is closely related to the spinnability of filament and product quality. In addition to the quality index required for slicing-intrinsic viscosity, softening point, diethylene glycol content, carboxyl content, ash and condensed particles, the appearance of the slice, the presence of carbon black particles and the distribution of relative molecular weight. The effect of moisture content on spinnability is also very great, especially the effect of moisture content on high speed spinning. The quality of raw material must reach the quality index, uniform, and the quality between batches, which is stable and consistent.

4.Strict process control

The process parameters of filament production are very strict. For example, the melt temperature fluctuates up and down ±1 ℃, the difference of wind speed is not greater than 0.1 m / s, and the spinneret requires shovel surface every day. Public works (such as water, gas, steam, electricity) also have higher requirements.

5.Total quality management required

Silk production is a multi-spindle, multi-machine assembly line operation, frequent operation, labor intensive, good or bad management and filament quality is very close. In order to ensure product quality, we must implement total quality management and establish quality assurance system.

6.Requirements for inspection, packaging, storage and transportation

In order to ensure the quality of filament, it is necessary to check its physical index for each batch of raw material, to check the appearance defect of winding package one by one, to carry on the sampling or all inspection to the dyeing performance of finished silk, and not to mix bags with different specifications in the process of packaging. In addition, to cause storage and transportation work, storage should not be exposed to the sun and stowage can not be too high. Also, loading and unloading requirements light release, transport as far as possible should be avoid bumps.



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