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Spandex Yarn ACY Manufacturer let you know more about Air Covered Yarn

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What is ACY? The definition of ACY (air covered yarn).

ACY (Air Spandex Covered Yarn) consists of spandex and DTY.
Air covering is a process of combining two or more yarns to create unique yarns with new combination of characteristics.
It can be divided into Nylon ACY and Polyester ACY.
The most common specifications are 2070, 3070, 4070, 2075, 3075, 4075.

What can they make for? The application of ACY (air covered yarn).

They are comfortable to wear and can modify their elasticity to fit different end-products. 
Air Covered Yarns can be used to produce fabrics of varying styles, hands and functions, and can be designed for woven as well as knitted  fabrics according to their properties. 

Air Covered Yarn also can be used for knitting, hand knitting, weaving, sewing, mostly in socks, underwears, swimwear, clothes, ect.

The following products are made of ACY Air covered yarn.

Seamless underwear
Knitting underwear.jpg


Socks for children.jpg

What does air covered yarn consist of? And how they faction?

In the production of the air covered yarn two different materials are used, one is elastic and other is non-elastic. The non-elastic yarns  contains filament such polyester. The non-elastic yarn is used to improve the evenness, durability, aesthetics, and functional properties of the  fabrics. The yarns have the advantage of uniformity in length. Fabrics included with it are better cover and abrasion resistant.

Elastic yarn i.e. spandex is used as a core material. Elastic core yarns exhibit greater uniformity in size, strength and elongation. The higher  initial modulus or resistance to stretching contributing to better loop formation, superior abrasion resistance and durability are the other  advantages of the air covered yarn.



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