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The Difference between Spandex Covered Yarn and Spandex Core-spun Yarn

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The difference between spandex core-spun yarn and spandex covered yarn

1. Spandex core-spun yarn is a spandex wrapped with spun yarn and inside is spandex. Spandex covered yarn is a kind of elastic yarn, which is coated with the filament of chemical fiber and spandex as the core. And the inelastic short fiber or filament is coated with the elongated spandex yarn in a spiral way. Under tensioning condition, the core is exposed.

2. The equipment is different. The core-spun yarn is made in spinning frame, and the filament yarn is made on the twisting machine.

3. The core yarns of the core-spun yarns are covered with fibers. The yarns of the core-spun yarns are well wrapped, and you can't see the core-spun yarns. The process route of short fiber coated yarn is that one or more yarns are first spun and then twisted to the twisting machine. All the yarns that are put together, the cored yarn and the outer yarn, can be seen.

4. Core-spun yarn, usually a spinning frame, when drafting roving, the textile raw materials that need to be wrapped in it. Such as cotton-wrapped spandex; polyester, viscose-coated spandex; cotton-wrapped polyester filament; polyester-coated polyester filament, etc. Spandex covered yarn is actually a twisting machine, one core yarn, the other winding outside. Such as spandex core yarn outsourcing polyester, nylon, and so on.



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