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The History of Spandex

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The research of spandex began in the 1930s. In 1937, Bayer Company of Germany first developed spandex and applied for patent. In 1959, American DuPont Company developed its own technology and began to produce it industrially, and it was named Lycra.

At the same time, American Rubber Co., Ltd. has introduced a coarse circular monofilament made of polyester and polycarbamate, with the trademark "Vyrene". In 1963, Japan Toyo Textile Company began to produce spandex with the trademark "Espa". In 1964, Germany Bayer Company and Japan Fuji Textile Company began production of "Dorlastan" and "Fujibo Spandex" brand spandex, respectively. Toray-DuPont, a joint venture between Dupont and Toray, began production of Lycra in 1966.

By 1967, the world annual production of spandex has reached 6.8 kt/a and production plant has developed to 28. However, due to the problems in production and application technology and the excessive demand forecast at that time, the unsalable production of spandex products has been overstocked, and many manufacturers in Europe and America have stopped and reduced production.

After the world spandex production was less than 10 kt/a.70 in the late 1960s, almost all the spandex industry except DuPont stayed at the original level, and the spandex industry did not develop very well. In the 1980s, due to the successful development of the application technology of spandex coated yarn and core-spun yarn, The production capacity has been greatly developed to the level of about 20 kt/a.

In the 1990s, with the improvement of the world economic situation, and also due to the expansion of the use of the back channel (such as the development of spandex core technology), spandex elastic fabrics began a new round of production climax, and the amount of spandex increased rapidly. The world spandex production in 1990 was close to 40 kt/a.1994 a year, the total production capacity was 81 kt/a, the total output was 64 kt/a..

In particular, in recent years, many large foreign companies have developed their own unique spandex production technology, and the quality of their products has been greatly improved. For example, Taiguang, Xiaoxing, Dongguo and so on, the expansion rate of production has also been quite rapid. At present, Xiaoxing Korea with annual 25kt/a production capacity has leapt to the world's second largest spandex production enterprises. At the same time, melt spinning technology has also made a breakthrough, and has been compared with dry spinning products in some fields. Because of its low investment cost and advantages in environmental protection, it has also developed rapidly.



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