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The Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

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The Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

There exist three different origins of Mid-Autumn Festival.


1. The Mid-Autumn Festival has evolved from the ancient lunar festival. The ancient calendar divided each season into three months, namely Mencius Moon, Mid-Moon, and seasonal Moon. The eighth month of the lunar month is the second month of autumn, so it is called "mid autumn", while the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is exactly half of the autumn, so it is called the "Mid-Autumn Festival". The day was originally designated as an ancient monarch festival, slowly evolving into the Mid-Autumn Festival.


2. The Mid-Autumn Festival evolved from the story of Chang'e. We are most familiar with this, first Hou Yi shot off the extra nine suns, then God gave him a kind of immortal medicine. However, he was unwilling to leave his wife Chang'e, he handed the medicine to Chang'e custody. On August 15th, Chang'e took immortals and then went to the moon. Hou Yi misses Chang'e, so every year on this day, Chang'e 's favorite food will be placed in the garden, looking forward to her reunion. Then, year after year, from generation to generation, it evolved into a festival, which is called Mid-Autumn Festival because of the time of the Mid-Autumn.


3. The Mid-Autumn Festival evolved from the worship of the God of Earth. In farming society, crops are very important to farmers, so people often sacrifice the land. In the autumn harvest, farmers will worship the god of land. The 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the time for crop harvest, so it gradually evolves into the Mid-Autumn Festival.


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the main custom is to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes.

And in this day, Kaishili distribute moon cakes and milk to every staff. Also, Kaishili is a big family and they have a big meal together to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival.



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