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What is Spun Yarn?

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Spun yarn consists of short, staple fibers woven together to create a single yarn to be used in weaving, knitting projects, and clothing manufacturing. Spun yarn is usually very fuzzy, providing the wearer with warmth.

The characteristics of yarn differ depending on the type of material used to create the yarn. Fiber quality, alignment, length, and degree of twist also affect the final product. Spun yarns can be made from nearly any natural fiber, such as mineral fibers, animal fibers, and plant fibers. Synthetic fibers may also be used.

Degrees of twist in yarn indicate which direction the yarn is spun. Yarn can be spun in an S-twist or a Z-twist. Hand-spun, single plies of yarn are traditionally done so with a Z-twist, while the S-twist is reserved for plying yarn. The tightness of a twist is measured in terms of twists per inch, or turns per inch(TPI).

Spun yarn retain their natural bulkiness, good covering power and excellent hand under various extensional, compressional and bending deformations to a much greater extent than that would be expected in textured filament yarns.

Spun yarn dominates the world ,market with a share of 64%. The long-term average annual growth rate accounted for 1.9%.Within this segment, shout staple spun yarns take in the majority with 31.5 million tonnes. The output of filament yarns modestly increased by 1.3%to 20.4 million tonnes, and their long-term average annual growth rate amounted to 5.0%.



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