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What is textile yarns?

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The textile-like characteristics refer to include reasonable tensile strength and high flexibility as well as visual and tactile characteristics(aesthetics)that are usually associated with textile products.

Textiles cover a vast range of consumer and industrial products made from natural and chemical fibers. To produce textiles for particular end uses, the fiber type has first to be chosen and spun into a yarn stucture of specified properties so that the subsequent woven or knitted structure gives the fabric desired aesthetics and/or technical perfoamances.

Textile fabrics are also made by means of other than knitting and weaving, which may just involve bonding fibers or filaments together without the need of converting them into yarns.Such non-woven fabrics are an important area in teaxtile manufacturing,espesially for technical and industrial end uses,but they have limited applications in the consumer sector. It is reasonable that the yarns are basic building blocks of most textile fabrics. Many required fabric properties will,in addition t fiber properties and fabric structures as well as finishing, depend on the structures and properties of constituent yarns. 

Textile yarns productin entered a new stage from the 1970s, with the steady increasing of the output of textile yarns. New spining process and texturing process were impressively develpoing.The outstanding achievements in the field of spining and synthetic fibers were the advent of "open-end-spining" and "high speed spining-drawing-false-twist texturing". They were indeed a constituent part of vital importance to the "yarn revolution". These processes shortened the procedure,heightened the output and lowered the cost,and what was more,they produced high quality short staple spun yarns and textureed yarns.



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