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Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co.,Ltd Establishes Party Member Responsibility

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February 2, line workers of Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co.,Ltd were off. In the quiet area, several left-behind employees are particularly busy. They work at different production sites to check whether the power supply is cut off, whether the equipment is out of order, and whether the hygiene work is in place, etc.

Standing in the last post before the Spring Festival, it was Kaishili's 8 communist sensationists. This small and medium-sized yarn raw material enterprise, which has only more than 70 employees, has a special "Red socks Party member responsibility Post" system. Eight Party members serve respectively in production safety, corporate culture, business development, environmental hygiene, daily life, and production technology, public rights protection, employees care for the responsible person in these eight areas, effectively supervised the smooth and safe operation of the factory. According to factory director Qi Jianjun, the system has been implemented for a year, the factory has not had a safety accident.

"If the enterprise is a car, then the Party is steering wheel, real-time control of the direction of the enterprise. To develop enterprise production, economy and culture, we must pay attention to party building. " Qi Jianjun believes that the "party building" is an important factor for the smooth development of the factory. Since the establishment of the Party branch in 2016, Kaishili has relied on the Red socks Party Building platform in Datang Town to carry out the work of "responding to the times, following the party building" and vigorously promoting the construction of "party building management," party building enterprise culture, "and" party social responsibility. " Let party members in all aspects of enterprise development play an exemplary role in leading and enhance corporate cohesion.

Zhang Xingli, a 39-year-old member from Hubei province, has been in Kaishili for 8 years. Zhang Xingli steadfastly works hard and has realized from the first-line worker to the production director's metamorphosis. Zhang Xingli said that he is not a small number of veteran employees because of a good corporate culture letting them feel a strong sense of belonging.


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